Meet The Team

Di-Yan Ho, CEO & Co-Founder

Rather than giving in to a world that is ever revolving around the property and security staffs' experience, we thought it was time to turn that on its head.

Shah Fariq Aizal, COO & Co-Founder

From a two-man startup to a security-based technology company that introduces disruptive solution to security services companies, residential gated community, property management & authorities in Malaysia.


We are a vibrant young company that is passionate with what we can do and achieve for the greater good of our nation. H A U Z is always on the lookout for dynamic individuals that share our passion and are excited in making a difference in the society. Come join us on our adventure! It is going to be a hell-of-a-ride!


  • Somebody that can make things happen

  • Experience in selling stuff & really good at it

  • Someone that write fancy words

  • Someone can do fancy presentation

  • Someone that can make people laugh

  • Someone that can make people believe

  • Someone that can smile non-stop

  • Reporting directly to CEO & COO

*Free coffee in the office!

*Attending convention and tech talks around the world


  • Someone that can code really well

  • A nerd

  • Love superheros

  • Someone that can fix anything

  • Can get rid of bugs (both code base & real insects)

  • A rebel, someone that argues with the CTO​

*Gets a Macbook pro!

*Work remotely unless you are summoned by the bosses

*Free coffee in the office!

*You can enjoy fake grassy padang in the office


  • Someone to handle office and employee welfare

  • Someone to handle staffing & Human Resources

  • Someone that can handle company documentation

  • Reporting directly to CEO and COO

*Free coffee in the office!

*You can enjoy fake grassy padang in the office


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